Nanhua University
Top Buddhist Universities in the World
2023 Ranked 10th Worldwide, 1st in Taiwan
On May 15, UniRank released the ‘2023 Top Buddhist Universities in the World’ ranking. Nanhua University has been ranked in the past four consecutive years, and this year we are ranked 10th worldwide and 1st in Taiwan. This outstanding achievement is testament to the vision of the leadership of Nanhua University in pursuing academic excellence. President Tsong-Ming Lin said: “Cultivating talent through education” is one of the goals of the founder of Fo Guang Shan, Venerable Master Hsin-Yun. The establishment of a university with Buddhist values has always been the wish of Venerable Master Hsing-Yun. He called upon his followers to show their support by participating in a “Million-member Fundraising Campaign”, through which Nanhua University was founded. In addition to the founding of Nanhua University in Chiayi, Venerable Master Hsing-Yun founded four other universities around the world. These include: Fo Guang University, University of the West (USA), Nan Tien Institute (Australia), and Guang Ming College (The Philippines). These universities form part of the ‘Fo Guang Shan University Consortium’, which is the first transnational, intercontinental university alliance in Taiwan. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, from 2016-2020, the Consortium hosted the ‘Fo Guang Shan University Presidents Forum’ in which representatives of Buddhist universities in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Australasia were invited to share their views on how Buddhist universities can incorporate Buddhist thoughts and spirituality into the curricula. Other topics included how to cultivate talents based on Buddhist philosophy with the goal of advancing higher education with Buddhist values.
Nanhua University is once again honored to be ranked in the ‘Top Buddhist Universities in the World’ ranking at 10th place this year. The University will continue to advance life education and sustainable development as the primary focus of our strategic goals, and forge a path toward ensuring that Nanhua is a provider of higher education for now and beyond. The University has been widely recognized for the promotion of life education and the Three Acts of Goodness initiative on campus. Our alumni have also received widespread praise for their contribution to society. In the midst of a low birthrate crisis, Nanhua University has been able to maintain a high overall freshman registration rate, which demonstrates the University’s standing among private tertiary institutions and the ability to attract prospective students.
Nanhua University
A Special Exhibition in Memory of Venerable Master Hsing-Yun
To commemorate the founder of Nanhua University, a special area was set up in the University library in remembrance of Venerable Master Hsing-Yun. In addition, a special exhibition titled ‘Treasured Calligraphy of Venerable Master Hsing-Yun’ was held on the third floor of Zhong-Dao Building. On March 2, President Tsong-Ming Lin and senior management of the University attended the exhibitions to pay homage to Venerable Master Hsing-Yun for his contribution and dedication to education. The special exhibitions were open to the public until May 16.
There were ten exhibits dedicated to Venerable Master Hsing-Yun: a light-offering exhibit, a proclamation exhibit, a book collection exhibit, an exhibit honoring Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s innermost thoughts, an exhibit for Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s treasured calligraphy, an exhibit of photos taken at Nanhua University, a documentary film exhibit, audio and video publications exhibit, a one-stroke calligraphy interactive lantern exhibit, and a one-stroke calligraphy virtual reality exhibit. The Special Exhibition ‘Treasured Calligraphy of Venerable Master Hsing-Yun’ included the ten one-stroke calligraphy pieces gifted over the years to the University. Furthermore, it also showcased 20 photos taken since the founding of the University. This exhibition gave faculty members and students a deeper insight of Venerable Master Hsing-Yun’s commitment in promoting humanistic Buddhism and his benevolence in cultivating talent through education. In memory of our founder, this exhibition brought together people from all walks of life to teach us to show gratitude in everything we do, and to learn from Venerable Master Hsing-Yun that one’s fulfilment in life comes from selfless contribution to society.
This exhibition also integrated virtual reality (VR) and interactive media technology. When you put on the headset, you would be able to view the one-stroke calligraphy by Venerable Master Hsing-Yun; by raising your head, you would see the stars in the sky; by lowering your head, you would see the lotus plants around you. At the ‘Interactive Lantern Section’, there were one-stroke divine words written by Venerable Master Hsing-Yun on every lantern. You could also light a lantern by touching it from afar. These lanterns represented the courage and blessing of Venerable Master Hsing-Yun. They also symbolized the divine light that is lit from within one’s heart.
President Lin said: “Throughout his life, the contribution of Venerable Master Hsing-Yun toward the advancement of humanistic Buddhism has been limitless, and one cannot help but admire and respect his dedication to education. Venerable Master Hsing-Yun’s posthumous award of the 1st Class Professional Education Medal, the country’s highest education honor, is well deserved and testament to his lifetime achievements”. To propagate Buddhist teachings, Venerable Master Hsing-Yun focused on fostering talent through education. His dedication to his work is evident in the kindergartens and universities that he founded. Through the ‘Million-member Fundraising Campaign’, Venerable Master Hsing-Yun founded five universities worldwide, of which Nanhua University was the first in Taiwan. Nanhua University is not only a university that has life education as its core value, but also an institution that puts the Three Acts of Goodness and Four Givings initiatives that Venerable Master Hsing-Yun advocated into practice. President Lin urged all students to study hard, practice the Three Acts of Goodness, and give back to society as a means of showing our gratitude to Venerable Master Hsing-Yun.
Nanhua University
Events in Remembrance of our founder, Venerable Master Hsing-Yun
Venerable Master Hsing-Yun, the founder of Fo Guang Shan and Nanhua University passed away on February 5, 2023. It was with a heavy heart and great sadness for all members of the University faculty, staff, and students to learn of his passing. On February 6, Vice President Chen-Chang Lin, Vice President Chin-Hsung Kao, Vice President Kun-Chong Li, and staff members visited Yuan-Fu Temple in Chiayi City and Fo Guang Shan Monastery in Kaohsiung to pay their respects. On the same day in Vietnam on his international student recruitment drive, President Tsong-Ming Lin made a video recording of his profound gratitude toward Venerable Master Hsing-Yun, and on February 8, wrote over three thousand words in an article commemorating Venerable Master Hsing-Yun. Upon his return, President Lin immediately visited Fo Guang Shan to pay his respects. Nanhua University has organized a series of events in memory of Venerable Master Hsing-Yun. These events demostrate our greatest respect and utmost appreciation toward his contribution to education. At 9:00 am on February 13, the memorial service for Venerable Master Hsing-Yun was held at Fo Guang Shan. President Lin, faculty, administration staff, and students of Nanhua University attended the service to pay their last respects.
Nanhua University
Masterful Hsing-Yun – Treasured Calligraphy and Wisdom

Showing our Respect and Gratitude through Calligraphy
To celebrate the birth of Buddha and commemorate Venerable Master Hsing-Yun, Nanhua University library on May 11 collaborated with the Tea Society of the University to host the ‘Masterful Hsing-Yun – Treasured Calligraphy and Wisdom’ event. President Tsong-Ming Lin, Venerable Chue-Ming, Venerable Yong-You, Miss Sue Huang, and Mr. Pei-Chi Bo were invited to share their thoughts on the calligraphy pieces donated by Venerable Master Hsing-Yun. All attendees enjoyed the tea beverages that had been prepared by members of the Tea Society while exchanging stories about their past relationship with Venerable Master Hsing-Yun. In total, over a hundred people attended the event, which included members of the senior management of the University as well as faculty and students. Attendees also wrote ‘Dharma Words from Venerable Master Hsing-Yun’ to express their gratitude and respect to him.
The calligraphy that President Lin shared was ‘Auspicious Coexistence’, which symbolizes Nanhua University’s philosophy and development goals. It also represents the Three Acts of Goodness and Four Givings initiatives advocated by Venerable Master Hsing-Yun, which emphasize people’s need to coexist in a shared world. The message to all members of Nanhua University was to do good deeds, speak good words, think good thoughts, and live in harmony, and we should always remember to give those around us confidence, joy, hope, and happiness.  
At this event, in addition to learning what the calligraphies meant to the senior members of the University, the attendees were also enriched with a heartfelt appreciation of Venerable Master Hsing-Yun’s love and devotion toward Nanhua University. It was an experience that no doubt has been deeply inscribed into each attendee’s hearts. At the event, attendees were also asked to write dharma texts, which gave everyone the opportunity to experience and learn from Venerable Master Hsing-Yun’s wisdom. This wisdom provided the guidance on how to nurture students towards good with a correct sense of value in the modern world, to possess love and wisdom, to be a contributor to society, and to bring light and hope to the world.
Nanhua University
Great Compassion Repentance Dharma Service
In Appreciation to All Benefactors of the University
This year is the 27th anniversary of Nanhua University. To show our gratitude to the benefactors of the University who have over the years generously responded to Venerable Master Hsing-Yun’s call raise funds to support Nanhua University, the annual ‘Great Compassion Repentance Dharma Service’ was held at the University on April 15 after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. Devotees from central and southern Taiwan, totaling 1700, attended the service. President Tsong-Ming Lin, Vice President Chin-Hsung Kao, Vice President Chen-Chang Lin, Vice President Kun-Chong Li, and the senior management team attended the service to show their appreciation and thank the benefactors for their ongoing support. The University benefactors were given a tour of the campus, which included the Venerable Master Hsing-Yun Memorial Exhibition. The exhibition also showed how Nanhua University has developed and flourished over the years.
The chairperson of the board of directors, Venerable Tzu-Hui, also attended the service to give special thanks to the benefactors. Venerable Tzu-Hui pointed out that it has been 30 years since Venerable Master Hsing-Yun initiated the fundraising campaign. The fact that the campaign has over a million members who have supported the founding of several universities is an incredible achievement. Not only has each member donated NT$100 every month, but the support that members have given in advancing Venerable Master Hsing-Yun’s education initiatives is in itself an honorable and just cause. Venerable Tzu-Hui also gave her stamp of approval to how Nanhua University has flourished in the past ten years under the leadership of President Lin to become one of the top private universities in Taiwan. Venerable Tzu-Hui stated that she hopes everyone will continue to support Nanhua University, and reminded us that wisdom is for all to share, and education is for all to receive.
The Vice Abbot of Fo Guang Shan, Venerable Hui-Lun, opened the ‘Great Compassion Repentance Dharma Service’ held for the ‘Million-member Fundraising Campaign’. He encouraged everyone to learn from the Great Compassion Mantra and the compassion and bodhicitta of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva to help those in need. Venerable Hui-Lun also urged the attendees to use the service to correct one’s ways, maintain a lucid mind, and experience life as it is.
Nanhua University
27th Anniversary Celebrations
Upholding Venerable Master Hsing-Yun’s Vision for Sustainable Development
On March 13, Nanhua University celebrated its 27th anniversary. The ceremony opened with the ‘18th National Junior Drumming Competition’. In memory of Venerable Master Hsing-Yun, the documentary films: ‘Venerable Master Hsing-Yun and Nanhua University – A Commemoration’ and the ‘Propagation of Buddhist Teachings at Nanhua’ were broadcasted during the anniversary celebrations. Nanhua University is forever deeply indebted to Venerable Master Hsing-Yun, for without the ‘Million-member Fundraising Campaign’, there would be no Nanhua University today. This year’s anniversary ceremony was solemn and deeply moving, filled with gratitude and respect in remembrance of Venerable Master Hsing-Yun.
The Chairperson of the board of directors, Venerable Tzu-Hui attended the anniversary ceremony together with the representative of the board of trustee, Venerable Chue-Yu. Mr. Guo-Liang Yeh, who is a representative from Chiayi City, various principals from schools in central and southern Taiwan, industry representatives, alumni, as well as other distinguished guests were present at the ceremony.
Several awards were given to recipients at the anniversary ceremony, these included: the ‘10th Outstanding Alumni Award’, the ‘Academic Research Contribution Award’, the ‘Faculty of the Year Award’, the ‘Academia-industry Collaboration Faculty of the Year Award’, as well as awards for students that came in the top three places in national competitions. Awards were also bestowed to faculty members that have served at the University for 25, 20 and 15 years. In addition, President Tsong-Ming Lin presented the ‘2022 Special Honors Award’ to Venerable Tzu-Hui for her tireless efforts and contributions to Nanhua University. The fact that Nanhua University has been able to thrive at a time where there is a low birthrate crisis is because of the dedication and determination of our founder Venerable Master Hsing-Yun, Venerable Tzu-Hui, Fo Guang Shan, and all benefactors of the ‘Million-member Fundraising Campaign’ from around the world. The unwavering support given to the University has been an incredible blessing and has provided the light toward continued sustainable development of Nanhua. The University will no doubt continue to cultivate talent for society and ensure that education is accessible to all.
Nanhua University
Signing of Memorandum of Understanding with 9 provinces of Mongolia and Global Leadership University
Cultural Exchange and Cultivation of Talent
As a result of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic over three years ago, academic exchanges among universities worldwide have been seriously affected. With the pandemic receding and countries opening up, academic exchanges among universities have started to return to pre-pandemic levels. International exchange has always been an important aspect of student life at Nanhua University. Since the end of 2022, several international scholars from Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam have visited the campus, which provided the ideal opportunity to introduce prospective international students to Nanhua University. A total of 20 officials from Mongolia, which included Erdenee Enkhbat, who is the chairperson of the Representative Council from Bayankhongor Province, government officials from nine provinces, as well as the managing director of Global Leadership University landed in Taiwan on March 12 and visited Nanhua University on March 15-16 for academic exchange in which an MOU was signed for further collaboration. The academic exchange was attended by Vice President Chin-Hsung Kao, Vice President Chen-Chang Lin, Sheng-Ping Hu (University Secretary), Chun-Chun Lin (Dean of the Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs), Wan-Yi Wu (Dean of the College of Management), and the department chairs of academic departments. The MOU signed between the three representatives will strengthen international exchanges between government, academia, and industry. The defining characteristics of the University, the diverse and rich learning environment of the campus, and the cutting-edge facilities available for students left a lasting impression with the Mongolian officials. A tour to the Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum was also organized for the visitors, which was an awe-inspiring experience that gave them a better insight into the wisdom and benevolence of the Buddha.
Nanhua University
Recipient of the University Social Responsibility (USR) Green Campus Award from Global Views Monthly Magazine
Forging a Path toward a Carbon-neutral Campus by 2028
The recipient of the Global Views Monthly magazine’s ‘4thUniversity Social Responsibility Awards’ was announced on April 11, 2023. There were 120 participants this year vying for seven award categories, which included: ‘Ecological Excellence’, ‘Local and Inclusive’, ‘Industry and Innovation, ‘Well-being and Lifestyle’, ‘Talent and Learning’, ‘Green Campus’, and ‘University Sustainable Report’. Nanhua University has always placed great emphasis on sustainable development initiatives and University Social Responsibility (USR) projects. It was therefore an honor to receive the ‘Green Campus Award’, which provided an even greater impetus to reinforce our commitment to reaching the goal of attaining a carbon-neutral campus by 2028. By adhering to workable policies and actions such as monitoring, reduction, and substitution strategies to reach carbon neutrality, we look forward to achieving the PAS 2060 standard by 2027.
President Tsong-Ming Lin said: “The climate change crisis caused by greenhouse gases requires urgent action if we stand any chance of lowering the global temperature. At the 2015 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties (COP) adopted the Paris Agreement in which countries agreed to limit the rise of temperature to within 2°C”. In Taiwan, the Legislative Yuan on January 10 passed its third reading of the ‘Climate Change Response Act’, which set the goal of reaching zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050. Nanhua University has been leading from the front in terms of policies related to the environment and climate. In 2016, we established the Sustainability Center, and in 2017 we started to offer the Master Program in Green Technology for Sustainability. The goal of the program is to nurture talents both local and abroad, specializing in sustainable development. Over the years, the University has been implementing green campus policies and putting the reduction of carbon footprints into practice. Moreover, we have set up systems that reuse rainwater and recycled water for irrigation, implemented green office policies, green cafeteria regulations, as well as recycle and reuse policies. In particular, all kitchen wastes are made into compost and reused at the Sustainable Farm on campus. In 2019 and 2022, the University undertook an extensive carbon footprint verification process. The annual Energy Use Intensity (EUI) of the floor space of each building on campus was only 62 kWh in 2021. In the future, the University will be converting to solar power to provide for our own energy needs. Furthermore, we will be embarking on a tree-planting/reforestation campaign to create a carbon sink, with the goal of becoming a carbon-neutral university by 2028.
Nanhua University first received the University Social Responsibility (USR) ’Model Community Network Award’ from Global Views Monthly Magazine in 2022 for the USR project titled ‘Connecting Dalin Township with the World – Integrating the Local Community and Expanding the Slow City Initiative’. This year, we received the ‘Green Campus Award’ for the project titled ‘Forging a Path toward a Carbon-neutral Campus’. In terms of sustainable development, Nanhua University self-regulates all related initiatives such as reducing our carbon footprints and increasing carbon sinks. Moreover, we assist enterprises to self-regulate their carbon reduction policies and goals. The University is proud to put policies into practice that has real effects on climate change, as well as play a role in contributing toward carbon reduction. It is a great honor for Nanhua University to be a recipient of these awards, as it gives us further impetus to strive for a better future.
Nanhua University
Recipient of Five ‘Academic Thesis and Dissertation Awards’ – Highest Full-Text Download Rate in Taiwan
On March 31, the National Central Library (NCL) hosted the ‘Together We Share, Together We Build – 2023 NCL Gratitude Tea Party’. The event was organized to show appreciation to all the publishers and tertiary institutions that provided books, audio and visual contents, Master’s theses, and PhD dissertations to the library. Nanhua University won the following awards: 1st Place for ‘Contribution Toward Open Access of Theses and Dissertations’, 1st Place for the ‘Contribution Toward Accessibility of Theses and Dissertations’, 2nd Place for ‘Total Full-text Downloads of Theses and Dissertations’, and 4th Place for ‘Contribution Toward Accessibility of Thesis and Dissertation Excellence’. We also received the ‘Contribution Toward Thesis and Dissertation Archiving and Collection Award’ for achieving 100% archiving rate for printed copies for 10 consecutive years. These awards are in recognition of Nanhua University as a quality institution for higher education and academic excellence. 
President Tsong-Ming Lin expressed his sincere gratitude to the National Central Library for hosting the event and for supporting institutions that make their academic resources available to the public. In the 27 years since the founding of the University, Nanhua University has always been a true supporter of open access for all. All theses and dissertations from the University are accessible through the National Central Library. We also encourage all students to make their thesis or dissertation openly accessible to the public. In total, of the 8,420 theses and dissertations from Nanhua University, the full text of 6,217 publications (74%) are readily available to the public. This is significantly greater than the national average of 49% available in the National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan. With regard to digital full text download rates, in 2022 each thesis or dissertation from the University was downloaded on average 11.92 times, which puts Nanhua University in 1st Place among all private universities in Taiwan. In fact, this download rate is higher than those attained by public universities, as well as public and private technological and vocational colleges, ranking Nanhua University the highest among all tertiary institutions in Taiwan.
  Nanhua University
Regional Academia-Industry Alliance and Exchange Conference
The Integration of University Expertise with Local Characteristics –  Regional Development for Shared Prosperity
On June 8, Nanhua University hosted the ‘Regional Academia-Industry Alliance and Exchange Conference’. Representatives from ten neighboring towns and cities were invited to sign an Academia-Industry Cooperation Agreement. Dr. Zhen-Wei Chiang, the Director-General of the Economic Development Department of Chiayi County Government, was the witness to the signing. The agreement serves as the bridge to connect local communities with enterprises, build up innovative industries, grow local talent, and encourage the youth to return to their communities to develop and transform their future.
Every year, Nanhua University organizes a ‘Regional Academia-Industry Alliance and Exchange Conference’. It acts as a platform for industry and academia to share their resources and exchange views. The ten neighboring towns and cities that attended this year’s event included: Puzi, Dalin, Minxiong, Xikou, Xingang, Yizhu, Lucao, Zhongpu, Meishan, and Fanlu. The signing of this cooperation agreement by these communities at Nanhua University not only strengthens the alliance between the signatories, but also integrates the resources making them available for all to share.
President Tsong-Ming Lin expressed his appreciation to all those that attended the conference. President Lin pointed out the importance of bringing closer what students learn at universities and how they can be applied in the real world, which is a challenge that universities need to overcome. Since Nanhua University established the Academia-Industry Cooperation and Career Development Office, there’ve been 14 cooperation exchange conferences, as well as the establishment of a cooperation exchange platform. In order to improve the employment rate among students, the University has signed cooperation agreements with 602 enterprises. As part of the curriculum, students can enroll in internship or workplace experience courses to gain a better insight into their field of study in the real world. Students that have performed well during their internship have the opportunity to remain at the company after graduation to become formal employees. The annual employment expo held at the University provides at least 2000 job openings for students in which 80% matchups are achieved. Nanhua University uses career guidance and network building to connect students to work opportunities, which has led to a 94% alumni employment rate. President Lin stressed that Nanhua University puts great emphasis on life education, which is one of the defining characteristics of the University. Moreover, Nanhua University not only train students in their field of expertise, but also nurture students to possess a good attitude and strong work ethic. As a result, the employment satisfaction survey of Nanhua alumni showed an 89.17% satisfaction rate among employers, making Nanhua alumni one of the favorite employees in the industry. In terms of University Social Responsibility (USR), the University has over the years put a lot of effort into cultivating talent in the local community and maintaining a friendly relationship with the surrounding towns and cities. These efforts have culminated in the University winning Global Views Monthly magazine’s USR awards: the ‘Model Community Network Award’ in 2022 and ‘Green Campus Award’ in 2023. Nanhua University hopes that by pooling together all the available resources, we can create a platform that is conducive to developing a harmonious and prosperous future.
Nanhua University
Academic Exchange with Four Malaysian Universities
Joint Musical Performance with the Department of Ethnomusicology
On May 26, the chairperson and conductor of the Persatuan Seni Dan Budaya He Yue of Malaysia, Steven Goh, led a Chinese Orchestra delegation of 47 performers and teachers from four schools on a visit to the Department of Ethnomusicology at Nanhua University for academic exchanges. Starting at the end of 2022, faculty members and students from the Department of Ethnomusicology have been visiting Malaysia for exchanges and joint performances. This international exchange, in which over 200 students applied, was organized by Steven Goh specifically to gain a deeper understanding of how the Department of Ethnomusicology cultivates talent and develops transdisciplinary musical creations. Thirty-six students from Keat Hwa Secondary School, Keat Hwa II Secondary School, Hwa Lian Secondary School, and Yuk Choy Secondary School, and 11 instructors and school officials attended the exchange event at Nanhua University. The exchange students were given the opportunity to experience ‘Chinese Court Music’ and ‘Waist Drum’ courses at the Department of Ethnomusicology. These courses not only gave the students a different cultural perspective on music and dance, but also gave them a better insight into transnational performing arts. On May 28, the Chinese Orchestra of the Department of Ethnomusicology and the orchestra from the four Malaysian schools gave a joint performance at the Zhong-Dao International Conference Center at Nanhua University. The performance, titled ‘A Passion Festival – Taiwan and Malaysia Music Exchange Concert’, was a great success and gained widespread praise from the audience.
Nanhua University
The Department of Ethnomusicology’s Exceptional Performance Gains Widespread Recognition – Invited to Tour Malaysia Again
The 2022 Academic Year National Music and Dance Contest has come to an end after over a month of competition. Once again, Nanhua University’s Department of Ethnomusicology received critical acclaim for its outstanding performances. The Chamber Orchestra, Chinese Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, and Modern Dance Group categories received an Award of Distinction and three Awards for Excellence. The Department of Ethnomusicology not only produced exceptional performances at the national competition, but were also invited by the Malaysian musicians to perform in Malaysia. The tour in Malaysia, which took place at the end April, was a great success.
President Tsong-Ming Lin said that under the guidance of Bing-Yi Chiu, the performance of the Chamber Orchestra has improved tremendously. They performed exceptionally well in national and international competitions last year, which included receiving an Award of Distinction in the national student competition, 1st Place at the Red Sonata Fiesta International Arts Festival in Malaysia, and a Gold Medal at the 7th Sandakan Music Festival. On March 12, the Chamber Orchestra won an Award of Distinction for their performance titled ‘Beautiful Fernleaf Bamboo’ and ‘Tea Horse’ at the National Student Chamber Orchestra Music Competition for their highly skilled, well-coordinated performance. The Chinese Orchestra, the Percussion Ensemble, and the Dance Group under the leadership of Yi-Yun Lyu, Chia-Wen Wu, and Si-Wei Wu, respectively, have produced magnificent musical performances and innovative dance routines every year. Nanhua University is immensely proud of all the achievements of the Department of Ethnomusicology.
Nanhua University
2nd Place in the University Baseball League Competition
Best Results in the History of NHU
The Nanhua University Baseball Team, which was formed only seven years ago, competed in the finals of the University Baseball League (UBL) for the first time this year. In the finals on January 15, the UBL finals extended into 11 innings, in which the Nanhua team lost 5:6 to claim second place. This phenomenal accomplishment, which is the best result ever achieved by our baseball team, shows the determination of Nanhua’s baseball team. It is an achievement that all members of the University are immensely proud of. On January 17, upon the return of the baseball team to campus, President Tsong-Ming Lin, Vice President Hui-Kai, Vice President Chen-Chang Lin, Vice President Kun-Chong Li were all present to welcome them and show their appreciation for the exceptional performance on the field. Venerable Chue-Yu, the representative of the board of trustee, also congratulated the team on behalf of Fo Guang Shan. 
The Nanhua University Baseball Team had lost six consecutive games in the league games, ending up ranking 13th out of 16 teams. After words of encouragement from Venerable Master Hsing-Yun and guidance from team coach Zhong-Nan Tsai, the team managed to win a series of games to qualify for the quarterfinals. The team then qualified for the semifinals after completing 5 wins and 2 losses. In the semifinals, the Nanhua team managed to beat one of the favorites – National Taiwan Sport University – to enter the finals. In the finals, the Nanhua Baseball Team was locked in a fierce battle against the team from National Taiwan University of Sport that lasted 11 innings. In the end, Nanhua came second in the finals, but was no doubt the dark horse of the competition. In the semifinals and finals, President Lin, Vice President Lin, faculty, and staff members attended the games to show their support.
Venerable Chue-Yu said: “The Nanhua Baseball Team is not only skillful, they also put a lot of emphasis on work ethic and team work. The team is an embodiment of the Three Acts of Goodness, which sets them apart from their competitors”. The achievement of the Nanhua Baseball Team at the UBL competition was widely reported in the media. It was also an opportunity for the public to gain a better insight of Venerable Master Hsing-Yun’s philosophy on the teachings of Buddhism through sports, and the meaning behind the saying: ‘Stay True to Your Original Aspiration. It is an honor and privilege for members of Fo Guang Shan and Nanhua University to support such a great sport team. We wish the Nanhua Baseball Team all the best as they strive in their goal to become champions in the future.