2021 Summer - NHU
Nanhua University Newsletter
First of all, we wish everyone the best of health during the COVID-19 pandemic, and may you remain safe throughout this health crisis.
Since the outbreak of COVID-19 at the end of 2019, Nanhua University has strictly followed the government’s pandemic prevention measures, and as a result, we had been able to continue to allow in-person classes as normal. With the global pandemic worsening last year, Nanhua University started trialing pilot asynchronous and synchronous online classes in advance in case all classes had to be moved online. In addition, 2+2 exchange students at the University of the West and other students studying abroad returned to Taiwan to complete their studies online.
In May this year, local confirmed cases of Covid-19 surged rapidly in Taiwan. On May 19, the level of alert nationwide was upgraded to Level 3, and has since been extended to July 12. With in-person classes being suspended, all classes moved online from May 17. From our previous experience with the pilot trials, the transition to online teaching by instructors either through synchronous or asynchronous classes with their students have proceeded relatively smoothly. Due to the pandemic, the commencement ceremony was canceled for the first time this year, and in its place a congratulatory video was made for the students.
The University would like to thank all faculty members and administrative staff for their hard work. In the past six months, Nanhua University has received numerous national and international awards and achievements. These include: for the seventh consecutive year, we have won government support to continue to manage the National Life Education Center established on campus; for the sixth consecutive year, we have received the Theses and Dissertations Contribution Award, the Theses and Dissertations Dissemination Award, and the Theses and Dissertations Open Award, which makes Nanhua University the top-ranked private university in Taiwan for academic resources utilization; the University has also received official certification as an Environmental Education Organization and  Environmental Education Facility Provider from the Environmental Protection Agency, Executive Yuan; for five consecutive years the University has been ranked in the top 100 of the Green University Worldwide rankings; for two consecutive years, the University has been ranked 401-600 worldwideand 11th nationwide by The Times Higher Education  Impact Rankings. These awards have made the University an attractive tertiary institution for prospective students and parents.  The University’s freshman enrollment rate for the 2020 academic year reached 97.23%. This achievement makes Nanhua the top-ranked private university for three consecutive years in terms of enrollment rates. This May, the University’s freshman individual application rate for the 2021 academic year surged to 97.23%. Not only has the University continue to grow steadily, we have also made great leaps in the rankings, placing Nanhua University 5th among public and private universities nationwide. 
Life Education is one of the major topics in Taiwan’s twelve-year national education curriculum. Since 2020, the University has been striving to establish the Taiwan Life Education Pavilion project. Funded by the Ministry of Education, the construction of the pavilion is expected to be completed by year end. The theme of the pavilion will be Life Education: From Birth to Death, which will include A Glorious LifeGrowth and TransformationMindfulness: A Stress RelieverThe Three Acts of GoodnessTherapeutic ParadiseDignity in Death. Nanhua University will also collaborate with our life education partners in Taiwan as well as integrate resources across borders, bring Taiwan’s life education in line with international standards, and showcase the vibrant energy of Taiwan’s life education program.
In the era of globalization, in order to enhance students’ competitiveness, Nanhua University not only strives to strengthen students’ foreign language proficiency, but also offer interdisciplinary courses to encourage students to cross disciplines to develop more diverse expertise. Nanhua University currently offers 22 interdisciplinary courses, which span multiple fields. In addition to the general interdisciplinary course, the University also offers an advanced program that caters for college-specific courses. These include: Long-term Care and Assisted-Living (College of Humanities); Plant Cultivation and Remote Intelligence Services (College of Science and Technology); Cross-cultural Communication and Practice (College of Social Science); Slow City (General Education); Pet Economics (College of Art), and other courses. The University encourages students to take interdisciplinary courses and in addition to their major, pursue other fields of interest to be better prepared for their future careers and become skilled in the workplace.
Nanhua University is committed to fulfilling the vision of our founder, Venerable Master Hsing Yun. We are also committed to the 17 indicators of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to develop the defining characteristic of the University. We encourage faculty members to draw on their collective wisdom to think about the future development of each college (department, institute) from different perspectives. The University is committed to improving teaching, research, and industry-academia capabilities, implementing the university’s social responsibilities, striving to become a university that is deeply engaged in life education, and continue in our efforts in promoting sustainable development.